Free check-ups for city's babies raises thousands

A Sheffield-based osteopathic practice has raised over £7,000 for The Children's Hospital Charity through offering free introductory osteopathic sessions to babies under 12 months.

Saturday, 4th March 2017, 5:00 am

The scheme, which has been running for eight years at The Osteopathic Practice in Broomhill, gives parents the opportunity to bring their child in for a one hour examination and cranial treatment.

“People often come to us seeking help for babies who suffer from colic or reflux,” said practice principle Chris Johnson.

“We see a lot of babies who are really unsettled, don’t sleep well or have trouble feeding effectively. Osteopathy can also be helpful for babies who have been born prematurely or have experienced a traumatic birth.”

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Chris does not charge a fee for this service but asks that parents donate a minimum of £10, with the option of donating to either The Children’s Hospital Charity or the Special Care Baby Unit at Jessops.

Chris added: “As osteopaths we’re trained to determine what feels normal and what feels abnormal through our sense of touch. “It’s a way of finding out whether babies are holding on to any undue tension. Once we’ve identified if there is tension there we use incredibly gentle techniques to assist their body to release that tension.

“It can be immensely satisfying because sometimes just a couple of sessions can provide a real benefit for babies and their parents alike. Osteopathy for babies isn’t massively well known about so these sessions are a way to spread the word about what we do.”

In the eight years Chris has been offering the free baby checks, over 1,000 babies and their families have benefited from the initiative, and he has raised more than £14,000 in total for his two chosen charities.