Frank’s great gig

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CONGRATULATIONS to the Cubana Bar for Frank White’s set the other evening.

He was joined on drums by John Reilly, his long time sideman and on this occasion was also accompanied by bassist Jeremy Meek and jazz songstress Kat Eaton, on Chuck Berry’s Back to the USA, a great favourite of mine.

Steve Davis, West View Lane, S17

School days recalled

IN reply to Jack Slinns, I will state that I am 93 years old and gained my matriculation certificate at Firth Park Secondary School in 1934. It was not called a Grammar School, then it was nicknamed ‘Red Caps’ of the Brushes.

In 1936 I passed the High School certificate in science and on its results was awarded a technical studentship at Sheffield University. I didn’t take this up but went to work instead (student teaching) at Maltby St, Attercliffe.

Leslie Broughton, Pingle Ave, S7

Some honest people

just before Christmas I lost a very special present. Someone kindly handed this in to the bus station where I had lost it. I would like to thank them. I am truly grateful. It just goes to show there are some honest and kind people.

Dorothy Limb

The harm of smoking

I ENJOYED your article about COPD. I have just been diagnosed with it, despite not smoking for 35 years. It just shows what harm smoking can do to you.

Anne Taylor, S9