'Four walls and a mattress'... Former prisoner gives TripAdvisor verdict on police custody cells

A former prisoner has posted a TripAdvisor review of his night spent in a South Yorkshire Police jail cell.

A man left a review of his police cell on TripAdvisor.
A man left a review of his police cell on TripAdvisor.

The reviewer gives it only half a mark out of five and describes the ‘hotel’ as ‘nothing but four walls and a mattress’ following a stay at Shepcote Lane

Custody Suite in Sheffield this month.

The review states: “An all-inclusive hotel in a central location, very small portions and bland food. Although it does represent good value for money.”

He added: “The hotel is a little dated and my single room was rather small and very basic. Four white walls with nothing else to do but stare at them surrounding me and I wasn’t even allowed any visitors.”

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said they spotted the review and “just had to reply”.

The force posted on the travel review site: “We are sorry to hear that you didn’t find your stay satisfactory. Bearing in mind your visit was completely free, we have to agree with some of the points you’ve raised.

“If you wanted to end your night in a more comfortable and luxurious hotel, then we’d recommend that you do not carry a knife on a night out.”

It is understood that the man – who has not been identified – will be appearing in court at a later date.