Four police puppy litters born at South Yorkshire centre

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These adorable pictures show 24 future police dogs - after four new litters were born in South Yorkshire in a matter of weeks.

The seven labrador and 24 German shepherd puppies are part of South Yorkshire Police’s Puppy Breeding Programme.

The programmed was established in 2008 and has led to more than 73 dogs making the grade.

Some have gone as far afield as Gibraltar to work.

Harry Morton, school manager, said: “We train all our dogs as well as our dog handlers, plus handlers from other forces, agencies and private security services.

“Over the last six years we have supplied trained dogs to a number of UK police forces, as well as HM Prison Service, Ministry of Defence, Fire and Rescue Service and Royal Gibraltar Police.”

The final seven pups to arrive, four of them male and three female, arrived on Tuesday Ma 26.

Harry added: “I am delighted with the arrival of these pups and the promising futures that lay ahead of them, even though we have given one of them the nickname ‘Elvis’. One o’clock, two o’ clock, three o’clock…. he is awake on the hour, every hour and makes sure we know about it!

”All the pups will go to live with their volunteer puppy walkers when they reach 12-weeks old, and will undergo various training and assessments at the dog training school over the course of 12 months.”

The German shepherd pups will complete training to become general purpose dogs whereas the labrador pups will be trained as specialist search dogs, for either drugs, firearms, cash, explosives, victim recovery, blood or flare detection.

The puppies are all yet to be named and the public will be asked for their help when the puppies are a little older to name one of the litters.