Four new 20mph zones in Sheffield

A '20 mph zone in Nether Edge
A '20 mph zone in Nether Edge
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More 20mph zones are set to get the green light in four residential areas of Sheffield – with an estimated cost of more than £90,000.

Councillors are due to consider a report which sets out support for and objections to new zones in Heeley and Meersbrook, Longley, Southey Green and the Warren Lane part of Chapeltown.

Reports say 60 people in Heeley and Meersbrook have expressed support for the limit.

Comments listed include: “Children play out in the streets, and there are also lots of cyclists, and to my mind it’s important to prioritise safety over speed.”

But a taxi driver has called the council twice to say the proposal is ‘too slow for residential roads and each driver should be responsible for their actions’.

In Longley one person said it was a ‘waste of public money’, the council was ‘anti-car’, and most people would ignore the limit anyway.

A woman with a disabled husband in Southey Green backed the proposal as he struggled to cross roads because of speeding traffic.

The council says reducing the speed of traffic will reduce the number of accidents and their severity in the long term.

Over the last 12 months seven 20mph zones have been introduced.

And a third of all residential streets are set to have the limit by the end of 2015/16, partly through zones introduced before the council’s new speed limit strategy.

More sign-only zones are expected to be implemented over the coming months.

Reports say introducing the four new zones would make ‘further strides’ towards the aim of creating 20mph as the ‘default speed’ in residential areas.