Forty stone Sheffield couple too fat to dance at their wedding shed half body weight after ditching takeaways and sweets

A Sheffield couple who weighed more than 40 stones in total have shed half their body weight after binning off takeaways and sweets.

Thursday, 17th November 2016, 1:40 pm
Updated Friday, 18th November 2016, 11:22 am
Donna and William Lowe have shed the pounds together.

Donna and William Lowe, who weighed in at 17st and 23st respectively, were so big that they were unable to wrap their arms around one another at their wedding.

But the pair have told the Daily Mail they have now lost a whopping 15st between them - with Donna slimming down by 6st and William by 9st.

Donna, 34 and William 45, have lost the weight in just ten months, according to the newspaper.

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They are sharing their story to help inspire other couples to beat the bulge together.

Donna, a health care assistant, said: 'On our wedding day William struggled to put his arms around my waist when we posed for photos and tried to dance.

'We were so overweight that even the slighest movement would cause us both to be out of breath.

'I never imagined we'd actually manage to lose all the weight just a few years later."

Just 10 months ago, William weighed over 23st and Donna was almost 17st thanks to their habit of eating Chinese takeaways up to four times a week

Donna says that she would constantly snack on share bag sizes of crisps while William had a penchant for cake

Donna now weighs in at just over 11st and William weighs 14st thanks to their healthy new lifestyle which involved joining a slimming group and going to the gym.

Donna added: 'We both started to lose weight as we were both eating healthier meals together, instead of having a Chinese takeaway four times a week, we were now having salad and salmon or chicken.

"Our cupboards were no longer full of crisps, biscuits and chocolate multi bags. Instead we now have fruit and cereal bars if we want something sweet.'

"We have so much energy now that it feels good going to the gym and staying healthy. We'll never go back to how we were before."