Former Sheffield student scoops award for innovative water bottle

Mark Moran with his invention The Hydrant, a device to help people be able to drink when bed ridden.
Mark Moran with his invention The Hydrant, a device to help people be able to drink when bed ridden.
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A SERIOUS back operation has led to a former Sheffield Polytechnic student creating a refreshingly new product.

Mark Moran, aged 48, was in a hospital bed and realised how difficult it was to drink when water was on a cabinet above him.

So he got a friend to bring in a drinking bottle to attach to the bed so that he could easily take a sip.

And when Mark discovered there was nothing similar available specifically for people in similar circumstances, he set about designing one.

The result was the Hydrant, which has been designed to hang from a bed, wheelchair or chair and features a drinking tube to make it more accessible.

The invention was honoured at the Nursing Times Product Awards in the dignity and daily living category.

The awards, which celebrate items that have helped transform nursing, were judged by a panel of clinical and industry experts.

Mr Moran said: “I couldn’t believe it when I found out there were thousands of people like me stuck in bed, needing a drink and they told me they did not have anything like it.

“I started doing research into dehydration in healthcare and realised it could be a huge problem.

“Then it occurred to me that I could develop something that would make a big difference.

“It delivers on so many different levels.

“It delivers great things for the patient and nursing staff don’t have to run around helping people with their drinking all the time.

“Being hydrated speeds up recovery times and means that people can get out of hospital quickly.”

Mark, who now lives in Bristol, said he has received letters and emails from people whose lives have been transformed as a result of buying the water bottles.

He said: “I had an email from someone who had been in a wheelchair for 13 years and had never been able to drink on their own before.

“You cannot begin to imagine what the impact is if you haven’t been exposed to that sort of situation.

He added: “It is helping people in so many different ways.”