Former Sheffield council leader assumes Lord title

Paul Scriven
Paul Scriven
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Former Sheffield Council leader Paul Scriven has been officially granted his title as a Lord.

Mr Scriven, who will represent the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords, will be known as Lord Scriven of Hunters Bar in the City of Sheffield.

The 48-year-old said: “I have lived in Hunters Bar for 17 years and it’s the place I’m proud to call home. So I wanted to ensure my neighbourhood and the area that has anchored me in Sheffield was reflected in any title.

“The city of Sheffield was also important to include as I want to use this opportunity to champion our great city.

“That said, being a Lord isn’t about having a title and if I had my way the only titles given to people in the second chamber would be to those who are elected. But I’m clear that in my new role I have a job to do in standing up for Sheffield and the north.

“Overturning decades of being sold short isn’t going to be a quick or easy process. But after years of centralisation and a ‘London knows best’ attitude we are finally starting to see change.

“I’ll be doing everything possible to make sure Sheffield and our other great northern cities and towns receive the money and power they need to succeed.”