Former Sheffield Council leader appointed to Lords

Paul Scriven, former Leader of the Sheffield City Council
Paul Scriven, former Leader of the Sheffield City Council
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Former Sheffield Council leader Paul Scriven has been appointed to the House of Lords.

Mr Scriven, former Liberal Democrat leader of the council, who lives in Hunters Bar, runs successful businesses advising public sector leaders in the UK and South East Asia and working with small business on building a mobile marketing presence. Before coming into politics Mr Scriven worked in a senior role within the NHS.

He said: “I’m surprised and honoured be asked to take up a seat in the House of Lords and be a fighting force for Sheffield and the North. There can’t be too many people in the Lords who are the son of a dustbin man.

“I’m looking forward to using this platform to speak up for Sheffield and campaign on issues like promoting more economic prosperity for the North, a fairer society and a more liberal country.

“I’m someone who believes in introducing a democratic second chamber. So I was bitterly disappointed when both Labour and the Conservatives teamed up to block the Lib Dems bringing elections to the House of Lords.

“As a member I intend to be a strong voice in favour of wide-ranging reforms including a wholly elected second chamber.”

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat MP for Sheffield Hallam, said: “Anyone who knows Paul will know that he isn’t afraid of speaking up and challenging the establishment.

“Also, like me, he passionately believes in the need for reform in order to bring the House of Lords into the 21st Century.

“Paul has a wealth of experience and expertise in local government, public services and business.

“He is also someone who loves Sheffield and will be another effective voice in our corner down in Westminster. I know he will do a great job and I’m looking forward to working with him.”