Former SDP leader David Owen distances himself from party's Sheffield revival

Lord Owen.
Lord Owen.
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Former SDP leader Lord David Owen has reportedly distanced himself from the party's Sheffield revival.

Lord Owen, one of the infamous Gang Of Four, who broke from the Labour Party in the early 80s to form the Social Democratic Party, was reported on website South Yorkshire Briefing saying: “I do not involve myself with any group that claims the SDP exists.”

The new party, led by Steven Winstone who is running for the Sheffield Hallam seat, is running five candidates in June's General Election.

Shirley Williams, Roy Jenkins and Bill Rodgers and Owen all quit Labour in 1981 to create the party, which later merged with the Liberal Party to form the Liberal Democrats.

According to the website, Mr Winstone responded by saying: “David Owen, as far as I’m aware, left the SDP many years ago. He is not currently a member of the SDP."