Forgotten promises

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The General Election is almost upon us and we are faced with the usual bombardment of rhetoric, uncosted promises that will be forgotten after the election and the character assassinations of the opposition’s leaders. I urge Sheffield voters to ignore the rantings of the last few weeks, ignore the snazzy kitchens and designer wives. They are irrelevant.

What is relevant are the policies, the plans to tackle the problems that beset our great country and the honesty of the politicians to face up to them.

Think back over the last five years and remember all the problems that have concerned you, remember the politicians who listened and put forward proposals to tackle them and those who contemptuously swept your worries under the table and now hope they can seduce you with ever wilder promises of jam tomorrow.

This General Election breaks the mould. It’s no longer Left v Right. It’s time for voters to stop voting the way their parents did and vote for the party that will address the problems that concern them most and for the politician they trust the most.

The results on Friday will have a dramatic effect on which direction our country is going to go in the future, and we are the ones deciding it. What is essential is that the Sheffield voter attends the polling stations on Thursday and votes the way that they have talked for the last five years. One thing is certain, anyone who can’t be bothered voting loses the right to make political comment for the next five years.

Mike Simpson

Worcester Road, S10