Forever in debt to man who gave Britain its finest hour

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So, 50 years have passed since Winston Churchill’s state funeral in 1965 and as Ron Clayton said in his letter (Star, January 30) it was a very different country back then.

It was a Britain in which people had pride in our nation and weren’t frightened to stand up for the values we hold so dear.

I watched Churchill – The Nation’s Farewell on BBC1, narrated by Jeremy Paxman which was an excellen,t programme regardless of Paxman’s rather harsh (and some may say unfair) assessment of Churchill, describing him as “a ruthless egotist, a chancer, and a charlatan”.

He may well have had his faults but he also had a sensitive side in that he loved animals, was an accomplished artist (some of his paintings have recently fetched exceptionally high prices) but first and foremost he was without question the greatest statesman of all time and without his inspirational leadership this country would not have won World War Two.

Today there is no politician who would be capable of stepping into this great man’s shoes as they lack the important qualities that singled Churchill out from the rest – determination, patriotism and putting Great Britain before his own personal interests.

Sadly, we shall never see his like again and in spite of the terrible toll of lost lives and severe hardship during WW2 Winston Churchill brought out the best in the British people by convincing them, against all odds, that we would never be beaten by our enemy.

For that the people of this country will be forever in his debt as there is no doubt whatsoever that he gave Great Britain its ‘finest hour’.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, sS10