Forecast error?

I was awaiting my coach pick-up in Sheffield Interchange for a day trip to Whitby last Saturday, (November 5), and decided to check the weather forecast in the copy of The Star I'd just bought and consequently noticed that the weather forecast was for the south coast area around Worthing! Which was for sunny, fine weather.

Whereas at Whitby, (as per the Met Office forecast as it turned out), it was strong, gale force winds and squalls of heavy rain mixed with hail at times blowing in off the very rough sea – and cold with it. Indeed, the wind was so strong it was consequently extremely difficult to make headway walking into it; while walking either side on to, or, with a following wind, risked being blown off course while breaking into an uncontrollable increasingly rapid run.

Meanwhile, the sea was being whipped up into a foam, which was carried ashore by the waves to accumulate in thick layers alongside such as the West Pier – the top layer of which got blown all over the place by the strong wind.

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And while it was supposed to be low tide, nevertheless the sea had not retreated down the beach as far as one usually observes it to do in such circumstances. Presumably due to the force of the wind blowing on shore against the prevailing direction of the tide.

Meanwhile, I was wondering if the Worthing area paper ended up with the weather forecast for Yorkshire.

Michael Parker

Robertshaw Crescent, Deepcar, Sheffield, S36