Forces are for our protection

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So my near-neighbour Steve Roberts (Dec 14) believes that because there is oil in the South Atlantic and that he has relatives in the Falklands, it gives Britain the right to claim territory thousands of miles away on the other side of the world ?

Over the centuries, Britain has invaded more countries than the Vikings and Romans combined, claiming the land in the name of the British Empire. And does Steve think that the retaking of the Falklands justified the lives of 255 British servicemen?

The British armed forces should be used for one purpose only - the defence of Britain.

Ron Humberstone Ecclesfield

Mums agree with Luana

I fully agree with Luana Hague after reading her Viewpoint article: six-year-olds and even eight-year-olds still believe in Father Christmas and sleep with teddy bears. Please don’t destroy their innocence.

Luana has the support of many mums across the city. I’ve heard many say that they are thankful that their children do not go to Grenoside School.

The more I learn of this sex education class the more I despair. If parents told their six-year-olds to touch themselves in this way because it makes them feel nice, the authorities would probably take the child away!

As for sex education for older ones, is it working? We have more under-age pregnancies than ever.

Disgusted mum