Forced to go online

Why is it being made increasingly difficult (and in some cases impossible) to carry out a transaction, acquire information or query anything without being forced to go online?

I am fairly computer literate but do not wish to do everything online and instead prefer to hear a human voice at the end of the phone who will deal with my concerns personally.

It used to be the case whereby one could pick up the phone and speak to a helpful person who would respond to one’s request immediately, or phone back with the information required on the same day. Now, especially if emailing regarding anything to do with council business, one is told to expect a reply within 21 days. What kind of a service is that?

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It appears to me that the unwillingness by councils and some companies to give out direct contact numbers is to avoid accountability and having to handle people’s queries instantly. There are those who are quite happy to do everything online and I have no problem with that, but where is the freedom of choice for those who do not own a computer and who will never want to use this method of communication?

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10

Labour the sensible party

Once again the media led by Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers and the BBC are trying to smear Jeremy Corbyn. First of all, he was a Russian spy filmed in front of the Kremlin with a doctored hat, then he has been likened to Himmler, a killer of Jews.

Even the Woman for all Seasons and Occasions joined in at Prime Minister’s question time on Wednesday, March 21. Mrs May also found a small amount of money from the magic tree for the hard-pressed NHS staff.

Even now they have not caught up after seven years of austerity. The train strikes go on because of Mr Grayling’s hate of unions which is costing millions in lateness to work etc. for people.

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In spite of being told that the economy is doing well, we still have loads of food banks and people sleeping rough.

Boris Johnson is trying to emulate Winston Churchill by taking us to war with Russia. If Mr Putin gets mad and turns off the gas imports etc. we will be in trouble.

So, if you want a sensible party that looks after the poor and downtrodden in the local elections and national elections, vote for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

Brian Gannon


Ron, is your dad George?

Ron Clayton, are you the son of George who had the fish shop on Crookes?

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I used to go in with my mum as a teenager and my friend, Barbara Ramsbottom, went out with George junior, who I think is your brother. I lived at Crookes at the time but moved to Lodge Moor when I married, 54 years ago.

Might not be many of us around now.

Brenda Wilkinson


More time for the elderly

With reference to the letter dated March 22 and headed ‘Inconsiderate bus drivers’, by JP, Gleadless, I had a very bad experience with a service 218.

When waiting aside while two ladies and some kiddies hurried down the aisle to alight, I then stepped into the aisle and took a few steps when suddenly the driver put the engine in gear. The movement caused me to lose my balance and I fell backwards rather heavily and onto the base of a double seat, hurting my back and shoulder blades. I then bounced and hit my head on the side panel.

It took me some time to pull myself together, during which time the driver helped me to get up and asked me several times if I wanted an ambulance. I thought of the possible consequences. Would they keep me overnight for observation, and if they did I would have to notify my son and daughter, and even was it a possibility the driver could lose his job. Taking all this into consideration, I decided not to make anything out of it and the driver, to his credit, carried my shopping bag and walked with me to my home and then hurried off to the bus.

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I was walking up the aisle with the bag in one hand and my walking stick in the other, so I couldn’t grab anything. I am 81 and giving the elderly more time doesn’t seem to matter.

Donald Stevenson


Way off the mark

Terry Palmer and I differ on some subjects, agree on others, but I have to say your criticism of his views on leaving the EU are way off the mark: (We’re better staying in, N Schofield).

As far as I know the UK has been a net contributor to the EU which presumably means we pay in more than we get out, so in effect any money “pumped into” the UK was basically taken out of what we had “pumped in” to the EU, so they just gave us some of our own money back?

Mick Sutherland



I see B Heaton, (aka the ‘Vlad Corbynista Doncaster Dumbell’), is still giving us all waffle (Letters, April 5, 18).

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Please give us all just one instance of a non-proven fact that has been printed in this newspaper and attributed to me, PLEASE. Now’s your chance.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

Tooled up

Knife crime on the rise. What a shocking fact. I suppose knives are easy to come by, so are probably the weapon of choice for the hooligans that are carrying them.

When I go out I don’t feel the need to go tooled up, so what’s making the youth of today feel they have to carry these killers? I feel so sad and scared as to what’s happening to our society. It’s a real worry.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Ofo bikes

Looking at the situation with the Ofo yellow bikes it makes one wonder why the providers bother. The bikes are dumped all over the place, probably damaged. Some will disappear altogether, so if you rent one take care of it as though it was your own and do the right thing, or is that asking to much?

EB Warris

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