Force launches appeal to recruit Special officers

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Have you ever thought that you might have what it takes to walk the beat and work as a police officer?

Now is your chance to find out.

Special Constable Abaid Hussain and Special Seargeant Anisa Hussain

Special Constable Abaid Hussain and Special Seargeant Anisa Hussain

To mark International Volunteer Day today, South Yorkshire Police has issued an appeal for Special Constables, inviting those interested in serving their community to come forward and apply.

The force is looking to recruit nearly 400 Special Constables in the next 18 months.

An extra 77 Specials have already joined since the launch of the last recruitment drive in June 2013, with 412 people now giving up their free time to help police South Yorkshire.

Abaid Hussain has just completed his first year’s service as a ‘special’.

The teenager, of Moorgate, Rotherham, is currently studying for a degree in creative media production at Rotherham College of Arts and Technology, works part time as a customer service advisor and still manages to put in 80 voluntary hours a month as a special constable, in his community.

Abaid said: “It’s a fantastic role, I had no idea how rewarding it would be when I first took it on.

“I got involved because I wanted to be able to make a difference in my own community and help affect change where I live.

“Specials have all the same powers as regular officers except we don’t get paid, so the training is intense, but the skills I’ve acquired working in this job will stand me in good stead for whatever comes next.

“I’d say the job needs people who are open and don’t judge.

“You’ll come across people that aren’t going to be nice to you, so you have to be able to step over that and deal with it.”

Superintendent Tim Innes has hailed the work of specials.

He said: “Our Special Constables perform a wider range of duties than most other forces, giving individuals a variety of skills and experiences.

“From policing sporting events to searching for missing people, every shift will offer a new challenge so if you’re interested and want to make a difference, apply.”

n Applicants should be aged 18 to 65, able to work a minimum of 16 hours a month and be living, working or studying in South Yorkshire.

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