Footballers need to see the sacrifices fans make

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I am a Sheffield Wednesday fan but I have not been to a match for a few years.

We did at one time go to home and away matches, but at that time we had just had our first child and we had to make the choice of devoting our time to our young family or spending it watching Wednesday.

They were at that time on a downer much like we have been recently, but just because I do not go to matches it does not mean it does not hurt when we lose.

The point I am trying to make is that many football supporters, and I do not just mean Sheffield Wednesday, are very passionate and willing to go without other things in their lives to watch their team play no matter what the sacrifices.

I understand their choices, but I wonder if the overpaid professional footballers really understand just what sacrifices many fans have made to pay their wages.

If they have the guts, they ought to go and visit those fans in their homes on the many estates in and around Sheffield and then understand the percentage of their household income that they pay into footballers’ bank accounts.

These so-called football stars need to take a long look at themselves, in my opinion

RG Owls fan