Food review: New Sheffield eatery has punters in hot dog heaven, with gourmet and traditional options

Justin Shore is the owner of Hot Dog Hut on Castle Street
Justin Shore is the owner of Hot Dog Hut on Castle Street
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I’ve never really bought into the gourmet hot dog craze.

To me, they should be simple and fast: Frankfurter, onions, and maybe cheese.

The eatery has gourmet and traditional hot dogs

The eatery has gourmet and traditional hot dogs

Oh, and don’t forget the red sauce - slash tomato sauce, slash ketchup, depending on from where you hail - and the mustard.

It should be something like you’d get on a street corner in New York.

Fans of gourmet and simple versions will enjoy visiting the Hot Dog Hut on Castle Street in Sheffield city centre.

Sun-dried tomatoes - which ‘lift anything’, according to owner Justin Shore, and pesto are available. You can even get pickled cabbage in the kraut dog, which has proved popular so far with Sheffield locals.

I steered clear of that, preferring the New Yorker with added cheese. It was everything I was after, and quick, too.

The wife had the Italian dog, with the tomatoes and pesto, and thought hers was great.

We washed them down with milkshakes - is there anything else to accompany a hot dog?

This shop finally makes decent hotdogs available in the city centre again. Justin said he had considered Hillsborough, but chose the ‘up-and-coming’ Castle Street area.

Reasonable prices are a bonus, as is the friendly banter with the owner.

Justin spent ‘plenty of time’ eating hot dogs when he lived in New York, and chose to focus on them with his new business.

“There was no focus on hot dogs at all,” he said.

He can concentrate on making them, and I’ll keep on eating them.

The bill, for two hot dogs and two milkshakes, was £12.40

Ratings: Food 4, service 5, atmosphere 4