Food for thought: Luke Rockett

Luke has recently co founded Prime Mover Massage within the Shefffield gym Prime Mover.

Are you a cook?

I honestly try however I have been known to mess up a dish or two as my friends and family will tell you.

Any cooking tips?

Frying and then poaching chicken is a great way of making the meat succulent with a crispy outer.

What is your favourite dish?

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I am a born and bred Yorkshire man and love my roast dinners. I have travelled across the UK and still my step-father Adrian Ripley’s cannot be beat.

And drink to go with it?

Pale Rider

What is your favourite restaurant in the Sheffield area?

Burritos at Street Food Chef are filling and tasty with plenty of options. For a sit down meal, Ashoka, Ecclesall Road, is renowned.

Worst meal you’ve ever had?

My ex girlfriend’s mum used to make a disgusting cheesy mash, which being in the position I was in, I had to finish.

And the best?

Again I have to hand it to my step-father, my family often rate his food higher than that in restaurants (shame he is a dentist)His beef wellington is legendary: rich, tasty, plentiful.

Your favourite TV chef?

Saturday Morning Kitchen often boasts the best chefs going.

What do you think of Sheffield as a place to eat out?

It is ever improving, I love the independent restaurant movement which Sheffield seems to have embraced, there are always some gems hidden in the great nightlife.

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