Food delivery ban on Sheffield estate

Audrey Seddon, who has complained about Sainsbury's refusing to deliver to Gleadless Valley
Audrey Seddon, who has complained about Sainsbury's refusing to deliver to Gleadless Valley
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A pensioner was left ‘upset’ after a supermarket refused to deliver to her home in Sheffield – branding the area unsafe.

Audrey Seddon, aged 86, tried to place an order with Sainsbury’s online service for next day delivery to her home in Gleadless Valley.

However, when she attempted to confirm her shopping, she received a message on the screen saying that Sainsbury’s did not deliver to her S14 postcode.

After contacting the supermarket, Mrs Seddon was told the company had stopped delivering to the area after repeated attacks on delivery vehicles and their drivers.

It follows a similar move by Tesco, which deemed the area a no-go zone for home deliveries last December.

Mrs Seddon said: “I was most upset and disappointed. I’m 86 and I can’t get out and about to the shops as often as I used to.

“They told me the reason was they had trouble with deliver vans.

“I don’t blame Sainsbury’s. It’s not their fault that the vans are being attacked. It just upsets me that people out there do that kind of thing and the impression that gives of the area.

“The whole thing has made me very worried.”

However, police said they were baffled by Sainsbury’s decision, as no incidents had been reported to them.

Inspector Ian Stubbs, who oversees South Yorkshire Police’s Gleadless Valley safer neighbourhood team, said: “We are not aware of any incidents in the area involving Sainsbury’s vehicles because they have not reported any.

“When the same thing happened with Tesco last time, we spoke to them about it, because there had been a few reported incidents, but we’ve heard nothing from Sainsbury’s.

“I’m at a loss as to why they have done this.

“Gleadless Valley has a few problems like any council estate in the country but it’s certainly no worse and crime is falling.”

And Sally Kilic, Gleadless Valley Tenants’ and Residents’ Association chairman, said Sainsbury’s decision risked ‘painting the area in a negative light’.

She said: “I lived in Hunters Bar for 33 years before moving to Gleadless Valley and I wouldn’t move back.

“I think that says it all. If it was a bad place to live I wouldn’t live here.

“It’s ridiculous and gives the wrong impression of the area.

“Sainsbury’s are making assumptions and seem to just be doing exactly what Tesco did.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesman said: “We have had to stop deliveries to the Gleadless Valley area because of issues over driver safety.

“We didn’t take the decision lightly, but ultimately the safety of our colleagues is paramount and it’s our duty as a responsible retailer to take the appropriate action.

“We will regularly review this decision.”

Tesco has now lifted its delivery ban and delivers to the S14 postcode in daylight.