#FlyDSA - We tried it...and it’s true! Watch our #25 minutes VIDEO

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Sheffield City Centre to Doncaster Sheffield Airport in #25 minutes - can it be done?

Yes it can!

Doncaster Sheffield Airport. Picture: Chris Etchells

Doncaster Sheffield Airport. Picture: Chris Etchells

Last month The Star launched its #FlyDSA campaign to promote Doncaster Sheffield Airport – to help the region fly.

We’re making it our mission to promote DSA as the first choice for millions of holidaymakers and businesses who, in turn, could pump billions into our own economy.

With the new link road putting the commute to DSA, from Sheffield city centre, at just 25 minutes, we are keen to help banish the decades-old habits of travelling outside the region to catch a plane, and instead focus on attracting more investment and business to our own city, rather than continue to see it sent outside the region.

And to prove it really can be done, Star journalist Nik Farah fired up the GoPro to film her 25 minute route from the city centre to the airport.

Watch the video now!