FlyDSA: Local airport is competitive on price

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Ruth Adams’ passport gets a regular workout.

In her quest to spend regular quality time with all of her children, Ruth and husband Alan travel to Berlin, Barcelona and New York whenever they can.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport. Picture: Chris Etchells

Doncaster Sheffield Airport. Picture: Chris Etchells

And it’s not unusual for them to choose Doncaster Sheffield Airport for their Berlin flight - one of DSA’s 42 direct flight locations.
“We’re definitely frequent flyers,” smiles Ruth, who lived in Aston while her family was growing up.

“Doncaster Sheffield Airport has direct flights to Berlin, the last time we flew with them was at Christmas.

“We do find DSA can be cheaper and sometimes has flights at times that suit us better than East Midlands.

“At a quiet time of day it only takes about an hour from our new home in Derby to get to DSA, and we have still chosen to do that at times, despite being only 15 minutes from East Midlands Airport now.

“The main benefits of DSA are that the flights are often cheaper, the parking is so easy – no waiting for an airport bus – and it’s all very calm with hardly any queues.”

This week The Star launched its #FlyDSA campaign to promote Doncaster Sheffield Airport – to help the region fly.

We’re making it our mission to promote DSA as the first choice for millions of holidaymakers and businesses who, in turn, could pump billions into our own economy.

With the new link road putting the commute to DSA, from Sheffield city centre, at just 25 minutes, we are keen to help banish the decades-old habits of travelling outside the region to catch a plane, and instead focus on attracting more investment and business to our own city, rather than continue to see it sent outside the region.

And, with that in mind, busting the myth that DSA is more expensive than other airports in the North is top of our agenda. A quick search of some popular holiday sites confirms DSA is indeed competitive on prices.

The Star found flights for seven-night holidays in Majorca for £570pp from Doncaster Sheffield Airport, versus £577 from Leeds Bradford, and £586 from East Midlands. Later this month, DSA has flights to Amsterdam for as little as £27.74, versus £56.99 on the same day from East Midlands and £39.49 from Manchester.

Of course DSA will not always be the cheapest option – there are always going to be different sites and different deals – but it is worth remembering that, with DSA, you pay for what you get.

And for the people of South Yorkshire, that’s a shorter journey to the airport, a quicker check-in and easy parking.

Karen O’Halloran wrote on The Star’s Facebook page: “I’ve just booked from Doncaster to Lanzarote on August 31 for seven nights, extra luggage allowance and taxi transfers for £360 each, so not expensive.

“Easy to get to and completely hassle free. I would choose it every time.”

Tony Caddy wrote: “Donny every time, £49 return to Malaga and same for Alicante. From landing to getting in the car, 15 minutes, then 20 minutes back to Sheffield.”

Sarah Crutchley wrote: “Flew to Amsterdam from Doncaster, lovely airport, easy to get to, reasonable flight prices too, prefer it to Manchester.”