Fledgling falcons proving a treat for Sheffield photographers

Photogenic: A peregrine falcon in the skies above Sheffield. PICTURE: DAVID ATKINSON
Photogenic: A peregrine falcon in the skies above Sheffield. PICTURE: DAVID ATKINSON
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THEY have been causing a bit of a flap.

First, it was the unseasonal weather battering their nest high on side of St George’s Church in Sheffield city centre which threatened the future of the feathered friends.

Further potential problems were caused by the height of the nest site above Broad Lane, coupled with an initial inability to fly which caused further concern.

Then when the popular peregrine falcon chicks went on to make their first flight they were mobbed by magpies - but now, Sheffield’s most famous birds appear to be settling into life on the city skyline like ducks taking to water, as these pictures, taken by Star reader David Atkinson, clearly demonstrate.

And Professor David Wood, who has been keeping a close eye on the pair’s behaviour reckons the feathered friends may stick around for some time to come.

Prof Wood, from Sheffield University’s department of Hispanic studies and chairman of the Sheffield Bird Study Group, said: “Both juveniles and adults are still spending a lot of time perched on St George’s, and there’s usually at least bird visible.

“The juveniles are starting to roam away from the church a bit and are exercising their wings, becoming increasingly confident at flying and landing.

“The adults are still bringing food to the church occasionally and there’s a good deal of calling between the adults and juveniles.

“The juveniles are still some way off being able to feed themselves.

“However, there was excitement as both adults shot off – unsuccessfully – after a wood pigeon that flew past the tower.

“Fingers crossed they continue to base themselves around St George’s for a couple more weeks and that plenty of people can enjoy them in the meantime.”