The fixtures Sheffield United, Leeds United and Norwich City have left to play in the Championship before the end of the season

It’s getting to crunch time in the Championship, with just eight games to go until the end of the 2018/19 campaign.

Leeds United, Norwich City and Sheffield United are in a three-horse race for two automatic promotion spots and in a league where anyone can beat anyone, the next eight matches will be crucial.

For the unlucky team that just falls short there will be the very different challenge of trying to earn promotion via the play-offs, so here’s a list of every remaining fixture (and whether it is home or away) for each team in the top ten of the Championship.

Norwich City – Middlesbrough (A), QPR (H), Reading (H), Wigan (A), Sheffield Wednesday (H), Stoke (A), Blackburn (H), Aston Villa (A).

Sheffield United – Bristol City (H), Preston (A), Birmingham City (A), Millwall (H), Nottingham Forest (H), Hull (A), Ipswich (H), Stoke (A).

Leeds United – Millwall (H), Birmingham (A), Preston (A), Sheffield Wednesday (H), Wigan (H), Brentford (A), Aston Villa (H), Ipswich (A).

West Brom – Birmingham (H), Millwall (A), Bristol City (A), Preston (H), Hull (H), Reading (A), Rotherham (H), Derby (A).

Middlesbrough – Norwich (H), Bristol City (H), Swansea (A), Bolton (A), Hull (H), Stoke (H), Nottingham Forest (A), Reading (H), Rotherham (A).

Aston Villa – Blackburn (H), Sheffield Wednesday (A), Rotherham (A), Bristol City (H), Bolton (A), Millwall (H), Leeds (A), Norwich (H).

Preston – Reading (A), Sheffield United (H), Leeds (H), West Brom (A), Ipswich (H), Wigan (A), Sheffield Wednesday (H), Brentford (A).

Derby – Rotherham (H), Brentford (A), Blackburn (A), Bolton (H), Birmingham City (A), QPR (H), Bristol City (A), Swansea (A), West Brom (H).

Bristol City – Sheffield United (A), Middlesrough (A), Wigan (H), West Brom (H), Aston Villa (A), Reading (H), Sheffield Wednesdau (A), Derby (H), Millwall (A), Hull (H).

Sheffield Wednesday – Stoke (A), Aston Villa (H), Nottingham Forest (H), Leeds (A), Norwich (A), Bristol City (H), Preston (A), QPR (H).