Five new recruits for Sheffield boss blighted by job interview no-shows

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A Sheffield employer ‘lost for words’ when half of jobseekers failed to show for interviews with his firm says his faith has been restored after The Star highlighted his plight.

Last month boss Nick Murphy was left questioning if people in Sheffield actually wanted work after more than half of applicants to a role with his firm failed to show up for interviews.

Nick, managing director of HS Direct, a health and safety assessment company based near Meadowhall, claimed that 12 people who were offered interviews for salespeople didn’t show up – or even call to say they wouldn’t be coming.

But following the article, Nick was inundated with calls from jobseekers keen to work for his firm – and he now has five new recruits.

Nick, of Greenhill, said: “After all the problems we had with people not showing for interviews, I really was starting to lose faith in Sheffield jobseekers.

“But when the article came out, we had loads and loads of people calling us up to say they had seen it and wanted to apply.”

Nick said he received so many calls, he decided to hold two open days at his Sheffield office, which were attended by more than 30 people.

He said: “The response was so positive – it really restored faith that people do want to work.

“I met some truly fantastic people; hard working people that wanted to find a decent job. We had far too many people interested in the job than we could actually recruit.

“But I know a lot of business owners in Sheffield and if I find somebody who would make a good employee, I can put them in touch with other people who might be hiring.”

Nick added: “I’ve always lived in Sheffield and if there’s anything I can get people off the dole and into a career then I’ll do the best I can.

“There are clearly some very hard working, conscientious jobseekers in Sheffield, which is great news for the city.”