Five-month cash mystery solved

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GILLIAN Walton was thrilled at receiving a £280 windfall - but where on earth did it land?

International Power said in February she’d be receiving a dividend and the cash would be sent to her account at Natwest.

But Gillian had closed it years ago.

For the next five months the two firms batted her back and forwards, unable to find any trace of her money.

In the end she turned to Action Desk.

Gillian, aged 67, of Findon Crescent, Wisewood, said: “This dividend came out of the blue years after I’d heard anything from International Power.

“They simply said they assumed the account was still open.

“Natwest said they didn’t know where it was.

“They checked with their dormant accounts department in Liverpool but they said there was no monies outstanding.

“They sent me a letter saying, ‘in the circumstances we must conclude the account is closed and the balance has been withdrawn’.”


GILLIAN’S money turned up - in a Britannia Building Society account.

The mystery was solved after Action Desk asked the companies to work together.

A Natwest spokesman said: “The dividend was credited to Mrs Walton’s account at the Britannia, but International Power quoted her a NatWest number.”