Five miles of shock absorber hell in S5

Is Deerlands Avenue the city's worst road? (Star, front page, November 3).

Monday, 7th November 2016, 6:41 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 3:09 pm
Deerlands Avenue, in Parson Cross, was due to be renovated two years ago as part of the Streets Ahead programme, according to those living along the busy residential street

The answer is no.

Deerlands Avenue is merely one mile of a sequence of Third-World tracks that stretch across the north of Sheffield (and strangely enough they are ALL in the north of the city).

Anyone driving from Parson Cross to Wincobank – regardless of the precise route they take – will encounter a jolting, juddering experience reminiscent of the Jeep-led explorations of the African plains or the Australian outback.

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Route one takes in Deerlands Avenue and Hartley Brook Road: the roads ranked third and fifth in the all-time list of Sheffield’s shockers.

But if you want to REALLY destroy your car’s suspension, try this one: proceed up Southey Green Road, along Elm Lane, through the lights into Hatfield House Lane, then across the junction into Shiregreen Lane.

This route is bound to set your nerves (and teeth!) jangling. For the record, the six worst streets in Sheffield are:

n Elm Lane;

n Southey Green Road;

n Deerlands Avenue;

n Shiregreen Lane;

n Hartley Brook Road;

n Hatfield House Lane.

Five miles of shock-absorber hell and, remarkably, all in S5!

Neville Martin

Castledine Gardens, Sheffield, S9