Five buses and not one stopped

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What do the bus drivers on the 52 route think they are doing? Their own thing, presumably.

This morning I set off in torrential rain with my husband to make the short journey from Crookes to Hillsborough.

As we turned onto the main road to approach the bus stop, a distance of less than a hundred yards, we saw no less than five buses speed by in unison.

As the fifth and final one came into view we were by now quite near the bus stop.

Waving my umbrella frantically I attempted to run (not easy for either of us as senior citizens).

This was to no avail of course as the driver of the final bus kept his eyes fixed on the road ahead and passed us triumphantly bearing all of two passengers.

Not prepared to wait any longer for an undetermined period of time, I decided to retrace my steps after first phoning in a complaint.

This was answered by an adviser, who agreed that the service was appalling and I would be quite right to write to the papers and to my MP to whom I will be sending a copy of this letter.

In fairness, we have had an excellent bus service here in the past but it no longer exists.

We have become accustomed to the “convoy system” and since two bus companies are involved it is understandable that some duplication occurs.

However, five buses in a row is beyond understanding. Furthermore, it has been noticed that not all of these buses return by the same route even though the terminus is less than a mile away.

What do they do? Do they drop into a black hole on the way to Hillsborough never to be seen again? I don’t think so!

Instead they have been seen to take an alternative route back missing out Crookes altogether.

Can someone please explain?

V Brock, Bolehill Lane, S10

We are very sorry to note these concerns. The Sheffield Bus Partnership we launched at the end of October with South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive and Sheffield City Council has introduced a number of benefits for customers across the city, including price reductions.

While it is still early days and we expect some minor teething problems, we are working to resolve these.

We do accept that we have further work to do which includes managing the gaps between our buses.

We recognise the importance of providing a reliable service and we can assure customers that as part of our new partnership we are introducing new ways of joint working to minimise buses bunching and delivering an even better service for our customers.

Ben Gilligan (First) Rupert Cox (Stagecoach)