Five bidding to win Manor Castle seat on Sheffield Council

Voters go to the polls to elect new members to Sheffield Council on Thursday, May 22.
Voters go to the polls to elect new members to Sheffield Council on Thursday, May 22.
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Voters will go to the polls on Thursday, May 22, to choose new members for Sheffield Council, including a new representative in Manor Castle ward.

Five candidates are vying to join existing ward members. Coun Jenny Armstrong and Coun Pat Midgeley.

The candidates are:

TERRY FOX, of Beacon Way – Labour

Mr Fox said: “I was proud to be again selected as the Labour Party candidate in Manor Castle. As a city councillor for this area, I have been a strong voice to protect the people of our community from the drastic funding cuts that the Lib Dem-Tory coalition government have forced on the people of Sheffield. I’m a governor at Park Academy and also work with local community groups delivering projects which enrich our community. I am also on the local housing board, overseeing vital work for our tenants. Despite these cuts, the Streets ahead project is working in our area, installing new, brighter street lights and soon we will have all our roads and pavements resurfaced. The Decent Homes council house improvements are now nearly complete, which means we can start to build new homes in our area.”

JACK MCGILL, of Barber Place, Crookesmoor – Conservative Party

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MICHAEL SHAW, of Mulehouse Road, Crookes – Liberal Democrat

Mr Shaw said: “I’m campaigning for a stronger economy and a fairer society. Liberal Democrats in Government have helped turned the economy around after Labour’s mess and have secured fairer taxes at the same time. Meanwhile, Nick Clegg and other Liberal Democrats have made sure Sheffield benefits from millions of pounds of investment. Our Labour douncil, on the other hand, continues to make a mess of the city. They’ve wasted millions of pounds on pet projects while threatening to close libraries. They’ve also pushed through some bizarre anti-business policies which threaten to turn jobs away from Sheffield.”

ALISTAIR TICE, of Harborough Avenue, Manor – Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts

The 58-year-old Socialist Party organiser and former nurse said: “I’ve lived on Manor Park for 23 years. It’s working-class areas like ours that are being most affected by the Tory cuts, by the bedroom tax, by job losses and low pay and by the axing of council services. As a former nurse, I am completely opposed to the cuts and privatisation of the NHS. And, as a lifelong trade unionist, I am angry at the attacks on workers’ rights, bullying bosses and zero hours contracts. Ive fought against the Tories all my life, but Labour seems hardly any different nowadays. It’s a Labour council in Sheffield that is closing children’s centres, cutting libraries and bulldozing Don Valley Stadium. And Labour leader Ed Miliband has said he’ll continue with the Tory spending cuts, so what’s the point of a Labour council if they just do the Tories’ dirty work? Labour isn’t Labour anymore. It’s time to get a real socialist in.”

GRAHAM WROE, of Glencoe Road, Norfolk Park – Green Party

The Sheffield College lecturer said: “I am the press officer of Residents Against Station Closures, the campaign that has maintained pedestrian access through the station. I’ve been involved in the Save Park Library campaign. Many people feel let down by Labour councillors who voted to remove the library funding. Greens proposed to maintain funding via a small increase in Council Tax. I have contributed to national Green Party policy which stands up for teachers against the damaging education policies of the coalition government. Austerity cuts have had a drastic effect on many people. Bedroom tax, benefit cuts and wage freezes added to fuel and rent rises are increasing poverty. If you elect me I will stand up for local people and oppose the cuts.”