A fitting tribute

Having read Robert Cumber's interesting article 'Marti's memorial to get face lift', Star, August 9, and seen for the first time the photograph of her 'statue' and attached plaque, am I alone in wondering what the statue is intended to portray and its connection with Marti?

Tuesday, 14th August 2018, 6:47 am
Updated Tuesday, 14th August 2018, 6:53 am
Sheen - sandstone and stainless steel grid at the top of Howard Street, dedicated to Sheffield-born comedian Marti Caine. Picture: Chris Etchells

Without the plaque, I question any unknowing observer to associate the sculpture with Marti and also what it is supposed to signify.

Artist Mick Farrell is quoted as saying in 1995 that “Using stainless steel and stone I hope to set up a contradiction within the nature of both materials. This architectural piece would act both as a landmark and a point to view from.”

Unless you are a psychologist able to delve into the mind of the artist I doubt that most people would understand the sentiments expressed by him when he created his “work of art”.

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I appreciate that it was the artist’s dedication to Marti, but surely something more relative and recognisable to the public of her would have been a more fitting tribute – worthy of the cost of future maintenance?

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

Ridiculous baby names

Kim Kardashian says she wants to change her baby’s name, Chicago, because she says ‘it doesn’t flow’.

So what is she going to call her now then? Diarrhoea? You can’t say that doesn’t flow. If necessary, she can always shorten it to Rhea.

Seriously though, I’m all for a bit of creativity and originality, but some of the names the celebrities land their offspring with are beyond ridiculous.

For instance, there’s Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s kids, Apple and Moses, and some of Katie Price’s brood include a Princess and a Bunny. Jamie and Jools Oliver have saddled their offspring with River Rocket, Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo and Petal Blossom Rainbow. Yes, really. Cheryl Cole, (or whatever she’s known as these days), and Kate Winslet have both called their sons Bear. Just don’t ask what they do in the woods. Last but not least, Kim Kardashian has given her other children the monikers of North West, (an orienteering expert in the making?), and Saint, (what if he grows up to be anything but?). Unless she decides to change them now too.

When these kids become adults, they have, unsurprisingly, taken matters into their own hands. David Bowie’s son, Zowie Bowie, now being known as Duncan, for example.

Granted, people should call their kids what they choose and what resonates with them, but they should also consider the lifetime of potential embarrassment, cat-calling and even bullying that they may be subjected to. Thank God my CM initials stand for the perfectly acceptable Catherine Mary and not Chicago Moses.

CM Langan

Sheffield, S8

A vote of no confidence

In response to Sam Mayo’s letter “Making a mockery of Sheffield Council”, (The Star, August 6), this is a council which calls itself Labour and is happy to use Jeremy Corbyn’s picture in its promotional material yet which is making a mockery of the city and of democracy.

Sheffield citizens came out in numbers against volunteer libraries in 2014, yet the council has continued with this failed model. The city centre is a bomb site with holes in the urban landscape everywhere you turn. We lost one of the finest markets in the north of England when Castle Market closed and we are about to lose our fine central library, and let’s not get started on the trees.

A Lord Mayor displaying his fresh and vibrant personality to publicise the town is not a mockery of anything. A council replacing paid, professional library staff with unpaid volunteers and chopping down thousands of healthy street trees against the wishes of residents and in spite of basic common sense makes a mockery of democracy and our city.

The council is turning our city into a laughing stock. Our Lord Mayor is a breath of fresh air speaking up for the downtrodden and vulnerable. I fully support him. As for the council, I propose a vote of no confidence in them.

Martin Vaughan

Sheffield, S6

The list is endless

Regarding WK Murphy’s comments about removing the Statue of King Edward, it’s been there since 1910 and he wants it removing.

So if we install the likes of a statue of Jessica Ennis, perhaps in a 100 years do we remove that, and the list would go on.

The cholera statue, do we remove this, everything to do with WW1 and WW2, well the people are long dead and buried.

Marti Caine is dead and buried so why are we renovating her memorial?

A Cuptt

Sheffield, S6

Not welcome in society

Had to laugh, Boris Johnson comparing women in full burkas to pillar boxes.

The PC brigade saying it’s disgusting and he needs to say sorry now.

Why should he. He is entitled to his own opinions, he likes to call a spade a shovel he’s well known for it.

The burka I feel is not welcome in society in this day and age. Boris is just saying what many feel and want to say but daren’t say anything as we are not allowed to express a different opinion to others. If you do you are called names for challenging certain views.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

Disappointed in Boris

I am disappointed that Boris Johnson has made such disrespectful comments about the headwear of Muslim women.

Surely, in this age of equality, they have a right to wear a hijab, niqab or burka if they wish to.

Obviously, if they are teaching children then it may be necessary for them to remove their niqab or burka so that the children can hear them properly and see their lips and facial expressions. This would be essential for those children with hearing difficulties.

A man in Mr Johnson’s privileged position should have much better things to do and say.

John C Fowler

Leverton Gardens, S11