Fitting time to honour wishes

Have your say

SHEFFIELD artist Joe Scarborough says: “We lose the Graves Art Gallery at our peril.” A grim and timely warning, coming as plans are under discussion to close the gallery which occupies the top floor of the Central Library in Surrey Street. That places it at the very heart of Sheffield, physically and culturally.

Readers will understand the need for our museums and galleries to balance their books but will question the need to close this iconic institution.

It plays a major role in both the education of our children and enlightenment of the city’s older residents who between them form the regular core of visitors.

There is also the question of the debt we owe to that great Sheffield philanthropist, JG Graves, who bequeathed the gallery to the city.

He did so intending to raise the spirits, aspirations and art appreciation of local people.

We know readers will share our hope that the gallery’ managers find a way of saving this facility.

For there never was a more fitting time than now for a gallery to serve its original purpose.

Put him on spot... but listen to replies

NICK Clegg has had a rough ride since he became Deputy Prime Minister. And nowhere has that journey been tougher than here in the city he represents, Sheffield.

Issues such as a climb-down over the Forgemasters loan and the decision to increase student tuition fees have served up equal doses of embarrassment and ammunition to his supporters and opponents alike.

And that is why we are sure there will be a lively debate when The Star hosts a question and answer session with Mr Clegg in Sheffield on Monday.

We are inviting readers to register an interest to attend this special opportunity and quiz the Deputy Prime Minister.

This comes at a crucial time in the life of our region and we look forward to a spirited exchange. Anyone with a genuine interest in questioning the Deputy Prime Minister is welcome to apply for a place in the audience. All we would ask is that you also listen to what he has to say.

A worthy accolade

SHEFFIELD has changed beyond recognition in recent years. The new look Peace Gardens, Millennium Galleries, Tudor Square - they have all added fresh energy to the city centre.

And we are delighted to report that this continues with Leopold Square, the former education offices and grammar school which has been turned into a fashionable group of restaurants and bars.

Now the complex has been voted Sheffield’s favourite new building. And we are sure readers will agree it’s a worthy accolade for a welcome addition to the vibrant heart of our city.