FIRST TIME: How to protect your girl

"You'll wait until she's ready, won't you?" and "I assume you have plenty of experience with other young women?" are parents' staple questions.
Driving home safe driving instructor messageDriving home safe driving instructor message
Driving home safe driving instructor message

Common concerns regarding daughters also include "It's her first time" and "We don't know what he plans on the two of you getting up to in that car of his".

But just such crucial conversations take an unexpected twist in a risqué new video (shown here) whose driving concern is encouraging more effective relationship between driving instructors and parents.

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Insurance companies are best known for driving carefully when it comes to marketing, but a young driver insurance company has sped away from that trend by now releasing one of the naughtiest ads in the industry's history to spotlight a serious issue.

With road lessons on the agenda for many South Yorkshire teens starting back to school, ingenie have issued the innuendo-fuelled film short to highlight how parents hire driving instructors for their kids without asking questions about qualifications.

It illustrates, amid a deluge of double entendres, mum and dad grilling their girl and an older guy with pun-packed comments, culminating in mum demanding of the man "be very careful pulling out!"

The company hopes the controversial content will drive parents in the right direction when it comes to choosing the correct instructor.

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The potentially viral video release marks third of five gears in ingenie's Parent Manifesto; a series of activities aiming to educate parents on how to get more involved when their child is learning to drive in order to complement the learning process and promote safer driving among young people.

The manifesto is made up of five stages during 2016 – with each stage aiming to educate parents on another way they can help their child drive safely and save money. For more information about how to get safely on the road as a young driver visit site.

Richard King, ingenie CEO, said: "While the two parents in our video are embarrassing, they’re doing the right thing – just in the wrong way.

"Any mum or dad wants a bit of information about someone their child is disappearing off with in the car. But we let that slip when they learn to drive.

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“Driving instructors are among the most important and influential teachers in a young person's life and yet most parents only ask two questions: “How much will this cost?” and “When will my child pass?"

We want to help parents with questions (below) they should be asking to make sure they find the right driving instructor for their child’s learning style.

"In short, like with driving itself, parents should look out for hazards and not cut corners when choosing driving instructors,” he warned

1. What qualifications do you have? (Anyone giving lessons must be a DSA-approved; either a Potential Driving Instructor (PDI) or Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).)

2. How long have you been teaching?

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3. How do you and your students agree that they’re ready for their test?

4. What lesson length do you advise?

5. How long do you recommend waiting to start private practice? What should I focus on?

6. How much do you charge per lesson and how many lessons a week do you think is most efficient? Do you have a discount for block bookings?

7. Where will you pick up and drop off? Is college or work OK?

8. What is the latest notice for cancelling a lesson without losing the fee?

9. How flexible are you on lesson times and days?

10. Can I see your Terms of Business?