First Thorpe Marsh cooling tower is downed

Thorpe Marsh Power Station, Barnby Dun.
Thorpe Marsh Power Station, Barnby Dun.
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The first of the six massive cooling towers at the old Thorpe Marsh power station has been pulled down in a dawn operation yesterday.

Demolition experts used a relatively new system involving wires to drag the thousands of tonnes of masonry to the ground around 7am and the majority of Barnby Dun residents slept through it.

There was a cloud of dust but no disturbance to the village after the contactors decided against using explosives.

Able UK said that the decision to demolish the first of the six 100 metre high towers was undertaken because of urgent safety considerations and that discussions on demolishing the remaining five would continue with Doncaster Council.

Clearance work at Thorpe Marsh is underway following the announcement by the Government last October of approval for the building of £984million gas power plant by Acorn Power developments.

Able UK managing director Andrew Jacques said: “Since acquiring the Thorpe Marsh site in 1995 we have undertaken a great deal of work at the site but the main structures still remaining are the cooling towers.

“We had to take action to bring down this particular tower because of structural concerns and it gave us the opportunity to use the latest demolition techniques which avoid the use of explosives and therefore minimise noise and disturbance in the area.”