First not providing the service I need

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Since having my son in March I have been using the 32 First bus service frequently as it runs directly from my house to my parents house.

I had to report the service about two months ago because the bus that was on was not a pram/wheelchair-friendly bus and there was not another bus for an hour.

First’s reply was that they were sorry and that by 2015 they will have all buses on every route that are pram or wheelchair friendly.

As I am back at work now full-time, my parents use this bus to collect my son. They and my partner have all had to walk the 25- minute journey because they couldn’t go aboard.

On Tuesday , September 18 I was waiting with my baby for the 6.40pm service. When the bus came it was once again one I was unable to get on.

Boarding a bus on my own is hard enough when the staff do not lower the step, but to have to get on it holding my six-month-old, fold the pram and hold the bags is impossible.

The driver of the bus actually told me that I would be very lucky to get a 32 bus that is pram or wheelchair-friendly!

I am very interested to know what the First reply would be to someone in a wheelchair who couldn’t board the bus.

I understand that not every bus can have this service at the moment but to be told by a member of staff that they have as good as been taken of this route is in my eyes discriminating against people with these needs.

The winter nights are fast approaching and it worries me that when it is really bad weather outside me and my baby will have to walk home or pay for a taxi because First have basically lost interest in the service I need.

I have seen many letters before about First buses but not many things getting resolved.

I have been purchasing a weekly saver at £18.50 because it’s a Rotherham bus but will not do any more.

What is the point when I’m having to pay out extra for taxis because First don’t provide the service I am paying for?

Natalie S2