First new-style LED street lights in Doncaster rolled out

Doncaster is being fitted with new-style LED street lights
Doncaster is being fitted with new-style LED street lights
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The first street in Doncaster to get new-style LED lights will see them put in place next week.

It is part of a campaign to modernise street lighting in the borough, with existing lamps being replaced with the new lamps.

The first street to be completed will be Inglenook Drive, in Thorne.

The Smartlight project, run by Doncaster Council in partnership with external firms Salix, Telensa, Eon and Urbis Schréder, will see 33,000 existing lamps replaced by modern technology bulbs, reducing the council’s lighting energy bill by half while providing improved light.

The council says the new street lamps are much more energy efficient than existing lamps, and are expected to last 25 years. This is far longer than the current lamps, which need to be replaced every six to eight years.

In addition, they say the light emitted by the new LED lamps is a better quality, and will appear more white in colour than the current orange glow that is given out by existing street lighting. This is expected to result in improved visibility, helping people to recognise signs, faces and colours more easily.

The Smartlight project is expected to bring savings of approximately £1.3m per year, by reducing energy consumption and cutting down carbon emissions, while the durability of the new lamps will reduce the need for ongoing maintenance.

The new street lights will be managed by a central management system that will ensure that the lighting levels are set at the right level, and will also accurately record the power consumption of each street light. This will allow the council to ensure that it only pays for the energy consumed, instead of the current system where energy is paid for on a pro-rata basis.

In addition, officials say the new street lights will virtually remove the need for the public to report faulty lamps, as the system will automatically report any failure in the lamps and alert engineers immediately.

The programme, which will take 14 months to implement across the borough, will reduce the council’s energy consumption on street lighting by 80 per cent, without the need for switching off lights at night or reducing the number of lamps.

Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones, said: “The Smartlight project is a fantastic scheme which will result in better quality lighting, a reduced carbon footprint and crucial financial savings for the council.

“In a difficult economic climate where other authorities are turning off street lights at night or removing some lighting, ours is a resourceful approach that will maintain lighting while providing savings.”

This is part of an-invest-to save initiative where the council is investing £8.2m in the Smartlight project, an investment which will pay for itself within six years. The scheme will also provide a high level of protection against future energy price increases. In the project, street lamps themselves will be replaced across Doncaster, while in the vast majority of cases the lampposts themselves will remain the same.