First a rumble, then pavement next to Sheffield bus stop disappears

Wall collapse at King Edward VII School
Wall collapse at King Edward VII School
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WITNESSES heard a deep rumbling noise before an entire section of pavement next to a Sheffield bus stop collapsed into the ground yesterday.

Nobody was waiting at the normally busy bus stop when the pavement started to crack and the footpath disappeared.

The landslide happened as a three metre section of stone wall forming a boundary to King Edward VII upper school fell down - and took the pavement on Glossop Road in Broomhill down with it.

The school is currently undergoing £22 million of construction work, refurbishment and rebuilding.

Cheryl Wall, from the Hallamshire Physiotherapy Clinic opposite, said: “There is a very big gap where the pavement has collapsed. It’s amazing no-one was standing at the bus stop at the time.”

A worker at The Rutland Hotel across the road said she had heard a rumbling noise before the pavement fell in and the wall collapsed at around 1.45pm yesterday.

“It’s a biggish section of wall and the pavement next to it has just gone,” she said.

One lane of Glossop Road heading to Broomhill had to be closed while the area was sealed off, and police diversions were put in place along Whitham Road. The road had to be shut for a further 15 minutes yesterday evening so another section of unsafe wall could be demolished.

First buses diverted journeys from Fulwood via Endcliffe and Clarkehouse Road, omitting Broomhill, and doubling back to serve the hospital.

King Edward VII headteacher Bev Jackson said workers from the school’s contractors, Vinci, had been monitoring the wall every day to check there had been no movement caused by the building works.

“It’s a mystery - although there has been a lot of rain this week on dry ground and that could be a factor,” she said.

“There’s a lot of rubble which has fallen down towards the school but that is all. But it is lucky that no-one was working in the area and that no-one was at the bus stop.”

She said the collapse appeared to be a ‘freak of nature’.