Firm stand on hunting ban from Sheffield MP

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Animal rights activist and South Yorkshire MP Angela Smith has taken a firm stand against relaxation of the fox hunting ban.

The Penistone and Stocksbridge representative joined fellow politicians in a celebration to mark the anniversary of the Hunting Act 2004, which outlawed the hunting with dogs of wild mammals including foxes, deer, hares and mink.

Fresh calls to lift restrictions were made by farmers in Wales in December last year, but Angela and her colleagues were keen to highlight the success of the legislation.

She said: “In common with the majority of the British people, I believe any repeal of the Hunting Act would be a backward step for a civilized society.

“Despite scare-stories at the time the ban did not affect countryside employment, cause a growth in the fox population, nor result in the loss of horses or hounds.

“In fact, many hunts still meet but use artificial scents to trail hunt – something which doesn’t result in the needless deaths of wild animals and something we welcome.

“Hunting is something which the vast majority of the British public opposed and continue to oppose.”