Firefighters save unit from going up in flames

Fire at Melville St Wombwell
Fire at Melville St Wombwell
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UP to 30 firefighters battled to prevent an industrial unit and an adjoining gym going up in flames in a blaze on a South Yorkshire allotment.

Strong winds fanned the flames on the allotment, off Melville Street, Wombwell, Barnsley. The fire reached the outside walls of a unit used by EC and Anaby Engineering.

The flames were as high as the roof and cracked windows. Firefighters were concerned the blaze was going to spread inside.

They faced the risk of gas cylinders exploding.

About 30 firefighters and five fire engines tackled the blaze.

Watch manager George Fenwick said: “The fire was just off the High Street and when we arrived the area was engulfed in smoke. We could see and hear explosions and when we got to the fire on the allotment we realised there were around 30 propane and butane cylinders.

“Around four exploded altogether and by that time, because of the high winds fanning the flames they were as high as the roof of the industrial unit nearby which had the names of a couple of engineering firms and there was an adjoining gym.

“When some of the windows went with the heat, I thought the fire was going to get inside but we were able to get close enough to get a jet there and we stopped the fire spreading. The winds really intensified the fire.”

The cause is being investigated.