Firefighters’ new challenge

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We reveal today that the posts of 108 fill time and 32 retained firefighters will be lost under restructuring which will also see a number of old fire stations close and two new ones built, at Birley and alongside the Sheffield Parkway.

But the changes will actually see response times improve for vast areas.

It is a fact that these changes are the result of Government demands to cut their budget which will leave many questioning whether such moves would have been introduced otherwise.

But the fact remains that we live in a changing world and the county’s firefighters have a reputation for their adaptability. We are confident they will rise to this latest challenge.

Martin’s idea is music to our ears

SHEFFIELD, as we all know, is one of the UK’s safest big cities. But that doesn’t mean it’s immune from one particular form of the anti-social behaviour which has grown to mar all large towns: the rowdy revellers.

No-one is suggesting the city centre should not be a place for fun. But in the 21st century the scourge of drink-fuelled yobs - loud, inconsiderate of others, sometimes violent - is all too prevalent.

So it is music to our ears to hear of an experiment by Sheffield musician and Heaven 17 man Martyn Ware. He reckons pumping calming music into the most-blighted areas could reduce rowdiness. That would open up the city to more people.

His theories will be put to the test during an experiment in Brighton. Martyn reckons it could be one of the most important things he’s ever done.

Rubbish day out

LIKE it or not, we create a lot of rubbish. In fact, we produce a mountain of waste every day and it has to be disposed of.

Sheffield recognised that we’re running out of places where it can be dumped years ago and invested in an incinerator. We currently have a huge facility turning rubbish into electricity.

Some environmentalists insist that we should cut down on our waste. But the fact remains that, at present, we produce vast quantities of rubbish. And turning it into power has to be preferable to other options. If you are still in doubt, take up the offer to pay a visit on Saturday for a truly rubbish day out!