Firefighters issue warning over ‘new TikTok’ trend after girl, 11, gets stuck in baby swing

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue have issued a warning to people not to take part in a TikTok challenge after a young person got stuck in a baby swing in Sheffield yesterday (May 12).

Thursday, 13th May 2021, 11:43 am

A spokesperson for SYFR said they were called to a park in Sheffield after a teenager tried to get themself into a child swing.

SYFR’s warning comes as the latest trend to sweep the country has seen scores of similar incidents where young people try to fit themselves into the small frames designed for people much smaller than them.

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The warning was issued following reports from around the country that children have been trying to fit into baby swings as part of a TikTok trend.

The spokesperson added: “Now, whilst we're in support of children getting out in the fresh air, we cannot support this particular challenge - this incident wasted our time and could have slowed our response to a serious incident.

“Please, if you know someone who's taking part in this challenge, ask them not to. This one isn't funny!”

The fire service said that they believed this to be the result of the TikTok trend, however others commenting on social media have said this particular incident is not related to the social media app.