Firefighters issue warning over garden bonfires after blaze in Sheffield

Firefighters were in action last night
Firefighters were in action last night
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Firefighters in Sheffield dealt with a blaze after flames from an unattended bonfire spread to a garden shed.

They were alerted to the blaze iin Adlington Road, Parson Cross, at 10pm.

Crews also attended a bonfire involving tree cuttings on Edmunds Road, Worsborough Dale, last night.

Trevor Bernard, head of community safety for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, said: “If at all possible, don’t have fires in your garden at all.

"They can be a nuisance to neighbours and also put your property at risk.

"If you must have a fire, make sure it is sited well away from buildings, sheds and trees and never be tempted to use petrol or any other accelerant to get it going.”

Firefighters dealt with some trees set alight in Coronation Street, Thurnscoe, Barnsley, last night.