Fingers crossed for a fairytale end to kiss

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EVERYBODY remembers their first kiss - and not usually because it’s worth remembering.

Awkward moves, shaking lips, sweaty palms, perhaps a little teeth-bashing?

It’s a rite of passage that we all, unfortunately, must go through.

Now imagine having your first kiss in a room full of actors and directors, while several cameras are trained on your face and a studio audience is laughing at you!

That’s what 15-year-old Mila Kunis was up against the first time she kissed now-boyfriend Ashton Kutcher 14 years ago on the set of That 70s Show.

The co-stars have both come a long way since their ‘Jackie and Michael’ days, with each achieving international stardom, blockbuster movies roles and pin-up status. Not bad for a decade’s work.

And after everything - her long term relationship with Macauly Culkin and his marriage to Demi Moore - the two, who have always stayed good friends, are finally a couple.

Imagine that. Imagine after everything, ending up with the person you shared your very first kiss with, all those years ago. It’s like a real honest-to-goodness Hollywood fairytale. Fingers crossed this cute pair makes it.