Fines warning over village’s litter problems

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A VILLAGE has been the victim of a three-year littering campaign where torn-up papers have been thrown repeatedly into hedges.

People living in the village of Micklebring have had to start collecting the litter dumped along Greaves Syke Lane themselves, because the rubbish is being left behind so regularly.

Fed-up residents claim entire copies of newspapers are being torn up and flung into the bushes several times a week, and that the situation has been going on for around three years.

Now they are appealing for anyone with information about who is littering to come forward, so they can be stopped.

Resident Christine Walsh, aged 70, said: “We are so fed up of this now, it is beyond a joke.”

Gill Gillies, assistant director for environment at Doncaster Council, said: “Now we have been alerted to the frequency of this problem our officers will be patrolling the area and if any person is witnessed littering they will be issued with a fixed penalty fine of £75.

“If these fines are not paid within 14 days the courts can hand out penalties of up to £2,500 plus costs to the council for bringing the case.”