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Walking up The Moor, Saturday afternoon, July 29, it does seem that both the pigeons and the people who feed them have all migrated to this part of town.

There are loads of people, of all ages, sitting on the benches, stuffing their faces with crisps and cheap sausage rolls, taking a bite then breaking a bit off and throwing pieces down on the ground for the pigeons.

And it seems that it only takes one idiot to do it for the rest to follow suit.

You wouldn’t believe the flock of pigeons this created outside Peacocks.

I’m surprised one of their staff didn’t come out to complain as this was just feet from their main door.

A few minutes later further up The Moor, I pass a couple of Amey workers trying their best to keep the area clean.

If you can be fined £50 for dropping a tab end or a piece of paper, there’s a fortune to be made down the bottom end of The Moor.

Let’s get a few anti-litter signs up and a bit of enforcement, otherwise this part of town will soon resemble the area around the old Castle Market, a tip.

Maybe culling could be an option but I’m undecided whether it should be pigeons or people!

James Fenner

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