Fine example to follow

On Christmas Day I walk from one side of Sheffield to the other to a friend's house where I am treated to an excellent Christmas dinner and convivial company.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 2nd January 2018, 6:41 am
Updated Tuesday, 2nd January 2018, 6:45 am

On Christmas day there is no public transport, taxis are fare and a half, and driving would no doubt cost me my licence.

So I walk, which is good exercise, especially so since they live on one of the steepest hills in the city.

On my way there I pass the Royal Hallamshire Hospital so I make a diversion and climb the “mini Everest” of stairs from B floor to the Stroke Unit on Q floor (more good exercise).

This is the place where my precious mum Evelyn spent the last few months of her life in 2015 while I sat at her bedside every day like a loyal hound.

So I sit there quietly, (and breathlessly), outside the ward and reflect on what happened there.

Invariably, a passing nurse will invite me into the ward where I always find a whole bunch of them beavering away looking after patients while everyone else is out there enjoying their Christmas lunch.

There are still lots of nurses and other staff there who remember my mum by name after two and a half years, and I remember them as well.

A couple of them who were in white uniforms when my mum was a patient are now proudly sporting the purple uniform of full- fledged staff nurses.

May I congratulate you on your promotions.

These people set a fine example for the rest of us to follow.

A happy and healthy New Year to you all.

Gary Crosby

by email

It’s got to be a no-brainer

What a right Royal wedding clash that’s been planned on Saturday, May 19.

Not only will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle be married on the same day as the FA Cup Final but it looks like a ploy to avoid granting a bank holiday to the hoi polloi.

It’s what you might call a Royal no-brainer.

I know what I will be watching, and it won’t be a couple of pampered individuals.

Anyway, one is American so Donald Trump may turn up.

EB Warris

by email

Think again on blue bins

Do Star readers really believe that Veolia have thought about this waste management contract properly?

The idea of collecting recycled waste once a month will really work, definitely not,.

We already have problems with fly-tipping so this mad idea will only make the situation worse.

Veolia already have issues with overflowing blue bins.

If they are full and you have placed extra bottles in a bag at the side of the bin they refuse to take them quoting health and safety rules.

One can only imagine what the scene will be like once this crazy idea gets off the ground.

So please Veolia think again how it will affect your customers, you will create a few enemies with this ill thought-out contract.



More trees will grow

To Susan Richardson.

I am sure you are an intelligent person but could I give you my version of heartbreak?

A girl of about seven-years-old in a wheelchair with no hair and a tube up her nose.

This was my experience at Weston Park Hospital where I am a voluntary worker.

It doesn’t compare with your heartbreak does it?

I also love trees and am so proud of the fact Sheffield has more trees than any other city in Europe but more trees will grow.



Use your imagination

It’s funny how when some people are successful everyone is happy to see them doing well, but after a while they start to grate and people don’t like them as much.

Lewis Hamiliton, springs to mind. He made his was way up to the top in motor racing, plaudits all round but the last couple of years he’s rubbing people up the wrong way.

He’s had to apologise as he was caught telling his little nephew, who was wearing a pink dress, why are you wearing that boys don’t wear dresses, those are for girls.

Kids dress up, my laddie wore dresses, he played with pink things, he had a doll in a pram.

None of it bothered me, he was using his imagination, he was just playing, he was little.

Lewis has said sorry, a knee-jerk reaction as he’s touched a nerve with some people.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Protesters need to move

As I struggled to push my mate in his wheelchair along the pavements in Nether Edge, I observed the STAG protesters.

Again work was stopped as these people stood in the safety areas.

It’s time to recognise the damage that huge trees can do.

Can the retired lecturers, social workers, and teachers please move on.

R Knowles

Montgomery Road, S7

Test your knowledge

I enjoyed your Test your knowledge quiz, (The Star, December 23, 2017).

However, I did find one mistake in your answer to question No 18.

The correct answer should read no female was ever Mayor of Sheffield.

Ann Longden was in fact the first female Lord Mayor of Sheffield.

One question you could have included is what were the names of the first Mayor and first Lord Mayor of Sheffield and where can their memorials be seen?

Graham Oxley