Find out what people want

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OUR bin collection service is back in the political arena with both main parties merrily making mischief at the other’s expense.

But as they score political points they seem oblivious to the fact that this is a basic service which the people of Sheffield have every right to be delivered correctly, punctually and conveniently.

Many people in this city call on the city council to supply very few services. But everyone has a high expectation of the bins being emptied regularly.

That should be the start and finish point for any discussion on the future of the service.

However, it has to be said that Labour seem hell-bent on reducing collections of black bins to a fortnightly service.

Otherwise, why would they make such capital of the fact that the Government offer to subsidise the service may fall short in subsequent years?

For many people, who have taken to the option to recycle their waste in the appropriate bin and box, this would not be an issue as their general waste has reduced substantially.

But there are others, as well as large families, who genuinely worry about only having their bins collected every other week.

Rather than political fisticuffs with the opposition, the ruling administration should be out in the communities asking the people of Sheffield what they want, rather than appearing ready to dictate what they will get.

Don’t overstep mark this year

WE are about to enter the most troublesome period for South Yorkshire’s emergency services. But it does not have to be that way.

The weeks straddling Halloween, Mischief Night and Guy Fawkes Night can see incidents increase by a third, leaving resources stretched to the limit.

Some of the calls for help relate to minor incidents which are little more than a nuisance to the people involved. But others can be genuine emergencies.

Unfortunately for the emergency services, they have to deal with all the calls that come in over this period as thoroughly as possible.

However, there is a part the public can play to make the police and fire service’s job less fraught.

One thing is to think carefully before calling for help. But the most important thing is for parents to remind their children of their need not to overstep the mark.

This is a time of year when spirits are high and nobody wants to see this traditionally fun time spoiled. But people have a right to live in peace and quiet. Let’s all try to help everybody get along.