Final chance for abusive council tenant

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A JUDGE has given an abusive council tenant ‘one last chance’ to keep her Sheffield home after a court heard she had broken the law three times.

Dionne Galloway, of Dagnam Close, Arbourthorne, first breached her tenancy agreement in March last year for growing cannabis at the property and being convicted of an offence of wounding, Sheffield County Court was told.

A Suspended Possession Order was made, stipulating that she should not ‘engage in criminal activity in or near the property or on the estate where it is situated’.

But in February this year, Galloway was convicted of racially aggravated harassment.

The court heard that after taking a taxi back home late in the evening with her five-year-old daughter, Galloway, who was drunk, argued with the taxi driver about the fare and racially abused him.

Police were called and she continued to be racially abusive in their presence and was arrested and charged.

Sheffield Homes obtained a Warrant of Possession and eviction was set for April - but Galloway appealed to have the warrant suspended.

District Judge David Monroe, sitting at Sheffield County Court, agreed to give Galloway ‘one final chance and allow her to stay’ after taking into account her child and that there was only one breach of the order rather than a continuing series of breaches.

But he imposed a further order that means for the next 12 months she must comply with the terms of her tenancy agreement or face eviction.

Lorraine Greeves, manager of the Anti-Social Behaviour Team at Sheffield Homes, said: “Although Miss Galloway avoided being evicted, the judge told her that any further breaches of the order would most probably result in her losing her home, so hopefully she will heed his warning and stay out of trouble in the future.”