Filey’s street names

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You recently printed a letter of mine requesting information as to why a number of street names in the coastal resort of Filey were named after areas found within South Yorkshire (with a couple of West Yorks origin); to which there was one reply and for which many thanks.

However, in the meantime I sent a speculative email to Filey Museum asking if they were willing and able to shed any light upon the matter, in response to which I’ve received the following reply from Filey Museum Steward Christine Barker – which I reproduce in full.

She says: “All the street names you mention are sited on the Wharfedale estate, an extensive complex of bungalows.

“A major building programme of detached and semi-detached bungalows was embarked upon in 1963, on the north west of Muston Road, built by Northern Ideal Homesteads Ltd., of Barnsley.

“These proved to be popular as retirement homes for new Filey residents and the infusion of energetic, newly retired numbers into the existing Filey societies and organisations was welcomed. Still today, Filey proves to be a popular retirement destination for people from South and West Yorkshire. As these bungalows were built by a South Yorkshire company with prospective buyers being people retiring from the same area, or West Yorkshire, perhaps it was considered apt to name the streets after locations they had known well and were possibly leaving behind.”

Consequently, I thought that I’d pass the info on for in case it’s of interest.

Michael Parker

Robertshaw Crescent, Deepcar, Sheffield S36