The fight goes on to save street trees

I am writing in response to a letter published in the Star, and given Star Letter status, on Thursday, May 5, headlined: '˜Healthy new tree is a welcome addition' about a replacement highway blossom tree planted in Fulwood.

Thursday, 12th May 2016, 4:56 am
Updated Thursday, 12th May 2016, 6:01 am

The anonymous writer is pleased with the sapling and they infer that those campaigning to save the healthy, mature, retainable roadside trees of Sheffield are trying to keep trees that are diseased, dangerous or damaging.

We are doing no such thing. In fact, according to Sheffield City Council, in a public meeting months ago, all dangerous trees were removed years ago.

While the anonymous writer is delighted with the new sapling, which may or may not go on to fail along with 25 per cent of most saplings planted in the first five years, and they are clearly a fan of the felling programme, it is with delight that campaigners are celebrating the one-year anniversary of saving a blossom tree in Greystones.

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This mature, healthy and retainable tree, pictured, beats the Fulwood sapling hands down, both for its blossom and the biodiversity it serves.

Sadly, the fight goes on to save up to 14,000 highway trees, (4,000+ already having been felled), and to get an urgent Tree and Woodlands strategy in place that now sounds like it’s been put off further until late June 2016 when it was promised for March 2016.

Louise Wilcockson

by email