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We have to contact you over yet another planning application for land at the end of Sandstone Road and above Beacon Road, in Wincobank – one of our only green open spaces on this already heavily built-up area. This area is also on Roman Ridge which is of great archaeological significance.

An application was made in 2004 and denied and then denied at appeal. Someone has bought the land for just over £150,000 and wants to erect 22 new 3-bed houses and four apartments at the end of our quiet road. These are listed as ‘affordable’ houses but there is proven no demand, for just over the hill a halt was put to building as they didn’t build all the houses they had permission for and are still struggling to sell.

The application labels people in Wincobank as ‘very modest’, ‘uneducated’, on ‘low income’ and basically insulting us because we don’t live in the south of the city – but we look after our houses, worked very hard to own them and our children play safely on these roads.

We have a quiet road which will see an increase in 40-plus cars if this goes ahead, let alone all the construction vehicles on a narrow road which struggles for parking as it is.

This would change the nature of the road and ultimately devalue our homes.

The land is very steep and unstable. Slippage is a huge possibility. They have listed their application as having no trees on. It does but someone came around with a chainsaw and cut them down before submitting an application.

Residents, councillors and local groups all say these houses will bring more cars, pollution, noise, over-subscription to schools, depreciation to house prices and disturbance to wildlife.

There is also a danger that further building will make steep land unstable and cause subsidence. There could be an impact on other housing if the natural drainage is changed.

Also toxic gases in the soil from previous landfill could be disturbed and the historic importance of the site should not be overlooked.

Residents of Sandstone and Beacon Roads